Encardia Health is a digital
cardiovascular health company

Encardia Health incorporates an integrated network of purpose built facilities, physicians, protocols, processes, systems, and technology. A program designed to improve the value delivered to the consumer.


Encardia Health is the leader in value-based cardiovascular care.

Encardia’s strategic drivers are value-based care, or payment reform, and consumerism.

Reimagined cardiovascular care will result in protocols, processes, systems, and technology that lead to higher-acuity, lower-cost care with improved outcomes and patient satisfaction at dramatically reduced costs.


  • Ability to provide a warranty/guarantee
  • Ability to adjudicate value-based claims
  • Ability to scale to meet the growing demand and shift from traditional care ecosystems to outpatient setting and new care delivery models



The Encardia Health Leadership Team

John R. Palumbo


Dan Tasset



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At Encardia Health, engagement is at the core of our philosophy. Our success comes from the effective engagement of one another in health and healing. We love our people, patients, practitioners, and payers.

Prepare to be challenged, inspired, rewarded, and transformed. At Encardia Health, we have an incredibly unique way of doing things in cardiovascular healthcare that will make this the best professional experience of your life.


We want to help you take the next step in your cardiovascular journey. Click here to find out how our program works, the physicians we partner with, and if Encardia is the right option for you and your cardiovascular needs.